I just like to make stuff

Over the last two years, I started to paint stuff. Sometimes it’s bizarre stuff, sometimes whimsical stuff, sometimes pretty stuff and more often than I care to admit, some really crappy stuff.  Mostly, I see my art as an expression of fun, energy and humor.

My love affair with creating started early. From the smell of tempura paints and school paste to the rainbow hues of Crayola, I was hooked. Like many young artists, I became discouraged while trying to draw realistically. Discovering artists like Mindy Lacefield, Tracy Verdugo, Jenny Doh and Karen O’Brien made me realize that there was more to painting than hyperrealism and that painting intuitively and focusing on the joy of the process can lead to unexpectedly pleasant results.

If I had to nail myself down, I suppose I would say much of my art lies in the intersection of cynical snarkiness and whimsical innocence and enjoys the heck out of the resulting juxtaposition.